Thursday, April 6, 2017

#647 - Rafael Ramirez

What a card: Rafael Ramirez was coming off his only All-Star season when this card was issued. But he didn't appear in the All-Star Game that year in Candlestick Park.

My observation on the front: Always nice to see the batting donut on a baseball card.

More opinion from me: Looking at the stats, Ramirez hit a lot better than I remember. I've probably mixed him up with another light-hitting shortstop. I do that a lot these days.

Something you might know: Ramirez was the Braves' starting shortstop for five seasons from 1982-86.

Something you might not know: When the Expos were trying to deal catcher Gary Carter during the 1984 offseason, they first offered him to the Braves. Montreal asked for Ramirez, pitchers Steve Bedrosian and Craig McMurtry and outfielder Brad Komminsk, but Atlanta thought that was too much. The Expos then traded Carter to the Mets.

My observation on the back: That's right, Bumgarner. Seven home runs twice.

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Tony Lehman said...

I have the feeling that trade rejection was because the Braves -- and much of baseball -- thought that Brad Komminsk was the next great HR hitter in 1984/1985.

Then, two years later, he got traded for Dion James.

Jamie Meyers said...

They got a better deal from the Mets, though IMHO the Mets still won that trade.