Wednesday, April 12, 2017

#649 - Sid Fernandez

What a card: This is Sid Fernandez's first Topps card. He first appears in a major card set in 1984 Donruss as a Los Angeles Dodger.

My observation on the front: This is a shot of Fernandez that would appear over and over on his cards. I'd say there's close to 25 different cards of Fernandez in a similar position.

More opinion from me: Still annoyed the Dodgers couldn't wait on Fernandez and dealt him for a middle reliever and a utility infielder (Carlos Diaz and Bob Bailor).

Something you might know: Fernandez is likely the most successful born-and-raised Hawaiian to play major league baseball.

Something you might not know: Fernandez famously wore the No. 50, after his native state, and the theme to "Hawaii 5-0" was played at Shea Stadium during his starts. The idea came from manager Tommy Lasorda, who gave Fernandez the uniform number when he was with the Dodgers.

My observation on the back: I admittedly know little about surfing or how fit you need to be, but it's difficult for me to picture Fernandez, who struggled with weight issues throughout his career, catching a wave.

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Rob said...

El Sid!

Jeff said...

Charlie Hough was Hawaii born, but I guess not raised?

night owl said...

Charlie Hough grew up in Florida.

steelehere said...

Shane Victorino is real close. His career WAR is 31.2 to Sid's 31.4.