Monday, October 24, 2016

#589 - Bob Dernier

What a card: This is Bob Dernier's first flagship card as a Chicago Cub. He first appeared with the Cubs in the 1984 Topps Traded and Fleer Update sets.

My observation on the front: I really don't like the softball tops, but I'd almost pay to see the Cubs wear these in the World Series in a couple days.

More opinion from me: To show that my annoyance with the Cubs is not a recent development, I recall being disappointed that Dernier was traded from the Phillies to the Cubs. I respected the Phillies much more, even after they beat the Dodgers in the 1983 NLCS.

Something you might know: Dernier enjoyed his finest season in his first year with the Cubs, batting leadoff for the pennant-winning team and getting the faithful's hopes up with a home run in the first inning to start off Game 1 of the '84 NLCS against the Padres.

Something you might not know: Dernier managed just 23 home runs during his 10-year career, but one was a game-winning, inside-the-park home run against the Giants while playing for the Phillies in 1989.

My observation on the back: Sure, the trivia question is lame, but you know what we have here? Yup. It's a card of a Chicago Cub with a trivia question about the Cleveland Indians. A day before the two long-suffering teams begin playing each other in the World Series. Kinda spooky.

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