Wednesday, October 5, 2016

#583 - Bobby Brown

What a card: Bobby Brown was entering his final season when this card was issued. He played in the most games in 1984 since his breakout season with the Yankees in 1980.

My observation on the front: That glance at the camera is not something you see often on a baseball card. Interesting.

More opinion from me: When that other Bobby Brown became a famous solo singer in the late 1980s, I would proudly mention that I knew about two earlier Bobby Browns. One was this player here and the other was the American League president in the 1980s who played for the Yankees in the early 1950s.

Something you might know: Brown played just seven years but appeared in two World Series with two different teams (Yankees and Padres). He played in nine Series games, but batted a mere .063.

Something you might not know: Brown left baseball in 1986 with the hopes of starting an ice cream parlor in Atlantic City, N.J., called "Major League Dairies," with former teammate Jerry Mumphrey. The business expanded to include sale of other products but it ran into credit problems and state officials branded it untrustworthy. At last check, Brown was still in the food consulting business eight years ago.

My observation on the back: Fernando Valenzuela remains the only player to win Rookie of the Year and Cy Young honors in the same year.

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