Friday, October 14, 2016

#586 - Bill Scherrer

What a card: This is Bill Scherrer's first card with the Tigers after being acquired by Detroit from Cincinnati in a late August deal in 1984.

My observation on the front: He doesn't fool me. I don't think he's really looking in for the sign if he's wearing his warm-up jacket.

More opinion from me: Scherrer is a spindly sort. It's not as apparent on this card as some of his others.

Something you might know: Scherrer pitched in three games for the Tigers during the 1984 World Series. In the final Game 5, after the Padres scored two runs in the fourth inning to tie the game 3-3, Scherrer came in with a runner on second base and two outs and retired Tony Gwynn on a fly ball. The Tigers would go on to win 8-4.

Something you might not know: Scherrer was the last pitcher Johnny Bench caught during his career.

My observation on the back: I remember discovering that Scherrer was from Tonawanda, N.Y., which is a suburb of Buffalo. Tonawanda was in the coverage area of the newspaper I used to work at, and as a young sportswriter who was very interested in baseball, I had my eye out for a chance to work Scherrer into a story. But it never happened.

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