Monday, August 22, 2016

#567 - Joel Youngblood

What a card: Joel Youngblood had finished up his last season of at least 100 games played when this card was issued. It would be part-time duty for the rest of the way until his final season in 1989.

My observation on the front: The position designation is dead-on. Youngblood played 117 games at third base in 1984 as the Giants were grooming prospect Chris Brown for the position. Youngblood led the league with 36 errors at third.

More opinion from me: You don't see the windbreaker on display often on cards. It was usually covered up by a player's uniform.

Something you might know: Youngblood gained lasting fame on Aug. 4, 1982 when he became the only player to get hits for two different teams in two different cities on the same day. Youngblood singled for the Mets in Chicago during the day, then was traded to the Expos, who were in Philadelphia that night. Youngblood made it to the park in Philly in time and singled in the seventh inning of that game for his new team.

Something you might not know:  In 1979, Youngblood played a part in the Mets' infamous fog-out game. On May 25, the Mets and Pirates were tied at Shea Stadium, when Youngblood started the 11th with a fly ball to left field for the Mets. Pirates outfielder Bill Robinson couldn't see the ball in the fog and it dropped 30 feet away, putting Youngblood on third with a triple. That caused the umpires to suspend play and after waiting awhile, they called the game and said it would be played over in its entirety another day.

My observation on the back: "Sangre Joven" seems like a mouthful for a dog's name. I can't see yelling that every time it barks at something it shouldn't.

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