Monday, August 8, 2016

#562 - Houston Jimenez

What a card: This is the second of two appearances on Topps cards for Houston Jimenez. This is his final Topps card.

My observation on the front: Check out that sweet choking-up action.

More opinion from me: I typed "Hector Jimenez" about eight times while searching for info on Houston Jimenez. I'm relieved to see that Hector Jimenez is both a pro soccer player and an actor in the movie "Nacho Libre". Glad I got it from somewhere.

Something you might know: During his brief time in the majors, Jimenez was known as the shortest player in the major leagues at 5-foot-7.

Something you might not know: Jimenez once said in an interview that when he was a young teenager in Mexico, he held all the league's records for home runs and runs batted in. But when he turned 16, he stopped growing and his fly balls didn't travel as far as teammates' drives anymore.

 My observation on the back: I could find no references to an Arturo Jimenez or Javier Jimenez playing in American pro baseball. Perhaps it was in Mexico.

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