Tuesday, August 16, 2016

#565 - Kirk Gibson

What a card: Kirk Gibson was coming off his breakout year in the majors when this card was issued. Always considered a future star, it took Gibson five years to crack 100 hits in a season. In 1984, he did that, hit 27 home runs, won the MVP of the ALCS, and helped the Tigers win the World Series.

My observation on the front: Nice card. But the image is nearly identical to his 1984 Topps card.

More opinion from me: If it wasn't for Gibson, I'd be in year 35 of waiting for my favorite team to win a World Series. It's bad enough that it's been 28 years.

Something you might know: Gibson clinched the World Series title for the Tigers, blasting a three-run home run off of the Padres' Goose Gossage in the eighth inning of  the decisive Game 5 of the '84 Series. It was his second home run of the game.

Something you might not know: Gibson and his good friend, Tigers pitcher Dave Rozema, married sisters -- JoAnn and Sandy Sklarski, respectively -- in a joint ceremony in 1985. They're all still married.

My observation on the back: Another Baseball 101 trivia question.

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Rob said...

The Tigers cards look so good in this set. Love this one.