Tuesday, February 10, 2015

#378 - Alan Wiggins

What a card: This is Alan Wiggins at the peak of his career. He set career highs in 1984 in virtually every category and would never match or exceed them. He also hit .364 with eight hits in five games in the World Series against the Tigers.

My observation on the front: I want to know what that sticker is on the bill of his helmet.

More opinion from me: That really is a nice-looking card, and I don't even like the Padres.

Something you might know: Wiggins had blazing speed and set San Diego's season record for stolen bases with 70 in 1984, but he was plagued by drug problems virtually from the start of his major league career. When this card came out he was suspended for cocaine use and dealt to the Orioles. He died at age 32 from complications due to AIDS, which are thought to be related to his drug dependence.

Something you might not know: Two former Dodgers -- Steve Garvey and Lee Lacy -- were the only major league players to attend Wiggins' funeral.

My observation on the back: I'm surprised Lasorda said that. He usually saved his outsized compliments for his own players.

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Jeff said...

Wiggins was in the Dodgers' organization in 1979-1980. Lasorda was saving his outsized compliment for his own player.

Daily Autograph said...

I mentioned you and this card in my latest blog post.

Anonymous said...

My guess is the sticker is a flag, that was an Olympic year after all. Just a guess. Also, I may be in the minority but I think if done properly, the hot dog/mustard Padres unis could have worked. Remember how badly Oakland's green and gold was ridiculed; now it'd be strange to see them in anything else.