Monday, February 2, 2015

#375 - Jeff Reardon

What a card: Jeff Reardon was about to embark on his first 40-save season when this card was issued. He had saved at least 20 games for three straight seasons for the Expos between 1982-84.

My observation on the front: Is that an evergreen in the background?

More opinion from me: Expos home uniforms were so bright and clean-looking. No other team existing today seems to have uniforms as fresh and clean as Montreal's were.

Something you might know: Reardon was the all-time career saves leader for about a season in 1992 and is now eighth on the all-time list.

Something you might not know: Reardon's "Terminator" nickname was coined by longtime Montreal radio personality Mitch Melnick.

My observation on the back: Swimming with a beard doesn't seem fun.

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Daily Autograph said...

Because of this blog, over the weekend I bought an album and a box of pages so I could specifically transfer my hand collated '85 Topps set from the 800 count box it's been sitting in for nearly 30 years. It was really great seeing these cards in person. Though, I couldn't believe how many off-centered cards I had in this set.

Anagramsci said...

Ah, Montreal sports radio reference! Very nice