Thursday, February 27, 2014

#267 - Henry Cotto

What a card: This is Henry Cotto's rookie card, but he was already a Yankee by the time kids were pulling it from packs. The Cubs dealt Cotto, Rich Bordi, Ron Hassey and Porfi Altamirano to New York for Ray Fontenot and Brian Dayett in early December 1984.

My observation on the front: Who is that on deck? Leon Durham? It doesn't look like Gary Matthews. Other possibilities: Thad Bosley, Billy Hatcher.

More opinion from me: Sometimes you need to scan a card to realize it's miscut. Sheesh.

Something you might know: As unflattering as it is to Cotto, the thing that gets brought up the most about his career is the time in 1985 when Ken Griffey Sr. accidentally bumped into Cotto when he was using a Q-tip, bursting his ear drum. That incident always lands on those "wacky injuries" lists.

Something you might not know: When the Cubs won the NL East pennant in 1984, only two players on the team had spent their entire career in the Cubs organization. They were Lee Smith and Cotto.

My observation on the back: Ruben Blades, Topps. Bladessssssssss. With an "s'.

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