Wednesday, February 5, 2014

#259 - Gary Allenson

What a card: This is Gary Allenson's last card issued during his playing career. He signed as a free agent with the Blue Jays in February 1985 and was released by Toronto six months later.

My observation on the front: The background behind Allenson looks like a water color painting.

More opinion from me: The late '70s/early '80s Red Sox were a focal point in our house and anyone on the team who did not match a modest level achievement received ridicule. Allenson was one of those guys who didn't measure up.

Something you might know: Allenson has been a minor league manager and major league coach for several years. He recently was named the manager of the Triple A Buffalo Bisons. Allenson made the internet rounds in 2011 for video of him climbing an outfield wall in protest of an umpire's call.

Something you might not know: Allenson was one of several Red Sox signed by scout and former major league all-star infielder Ray Boone. Also signed by Boone were Curt Schilling, Marty Barrett, Sam Horn and Phil Plantier.

My observation on the back: Of course the trivia question is true. What kind of jerk would write 54 RBIs instead of 55 and then say, "ha, ha! False!"

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Jamie Meyers said...

Mugsy's a great guy. I must have almost every regular issue card of his signed at this point. Loved the video.