Tuesday, November 26, 2013

#237 - Julio Franco

What a card: Julio Franco was coming off his sophomore season when this card was released. He played in 160 games in 1984 and led the AL in at-bats with 658.

My observation on the front: My, that's a mouthful of teeth.

More opinion from me: I'm not crazy about that square "C" the Indians have on their caps. I know it's been around for quite awhile and it helps differentiate from the "C" that their state neighbor, the Cincinnati Reds, wears on their caps. But I grew up with the pointy "C" that the Indians wore in the '70s. I like that one.

Something you might know: Franco played until he was 49 and is the oldest position player to play in a major league game, outside of some gimmick at-bat.

Something you might not know: Because Franco lasted 23 years in the majors, he became known for his diet and workout regime. He was pretty dedicated. One of his beverages of choice was a mixture of beets, broccoli, cauliflower, celery, garlic, onions ... and an apple. Bleah.

My observation on the back: Jim  Palmer still holds the record for most complete games in LCS history. The best anyone else has been able to do is three (Catfish Hunter and Tommy John).

The blog wants to speak now: The News category is updated with the saddest news of all for a baseball fan.

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