Sunday, November 17, 2013

#234 - Jerry Narron

What a card: This is Jerry Narron's return to Topps cards after being omitted from sets in 1983 and 1984. His last previous card was in the 1982 set when he was with the Mariners (he was actually released by Seattle in spring training of 1982).

My observation on the front: That's quite the grin by Narron. He was probably so pleased to be back in the major leagues and on a card.

More opinion from me: I first noticed Narron during his first big-league season in 1979. That was the year that Thurman Munson died in the plane crash. Narron worked behind the plate in the first game after Munson's death. I never liked Munson and although I didn't like the Yankees, I looked forward to Narron being somewhat more pleasant than Munson was.

Something you might know: Narron was the manager for the Texas Rangers for most of 2001 and all of the 2002 season.

Something you might not know: Narron is the father of five children. All of their names start with the letter "C." I can't confirm that it has anything to do with the abbreviation for "catcher" being "C."

My observation on the back: As you can see, this card is significantly miscut. The hazards of buying a factory set in 1985.

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