Tuesday, November 12, 2013

#232 - Dave Beard

What a card: This is Dave Beard's first base card as a Seattle Mariner. It's also his final card.

My observation on the front: Lots of blue hues on that card. Hey, "blue hues" is fun to say!

More opinion from me: I think I speak for everyone when I say it was a tragedy that Dave Beard did not have a beard. He's also wearing that same grin on several of his cards. It's very Jason Giambi-like. I don't enjoy it.

Something you might know: Beard was mostly a relief pitcher for the Oakland A's between 1980-84. He first came to national attention when he finished off a sweep of the Royals in the 1981 AL Division Series with a 1 1/3-inning save in Game 3.

Something you might not know: Beard made his major league debut on my 15th birthday, July 16, 1980. I guarantee he had a better day than I did.

My observation on the back: There is another one of those lazy "is the home of what team?" trivia questions. I think there's been about 10 of them already. This one contains a massive hint. Just look at the uniform of the guy on the front!

The blog wants to speak now: Sorry, not tonight it doesn't. It's been a very unleisurely Veterans Day weekend. We'll perk up in a day or two.

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Matthew R said...

Kinda like Frank Beard of ZZ Top -- he's the only one without a beard.