Friday, November 22, 2013

#236 - Mark Thurmond

What a card: This is Mark Thurmond's card after the best year of his career. He went 14-8 with a 2.97 ERA for the Padres in 1984 and started the first game of the World Series for San Diego.

My observation on the front: Thurmond's jersey looks too tight. The button area is all wrinkled like it needs ironing.

More opinion from me: I wanted the Padres to lose the World Series so badly in '84 that Thurmond was my hero, losing Game 1 of the Series and then getting battered around in the decisive Game 5.

Something you might know: Thurmond was one member of the so-called "Pep Boys," which consisted of Thurmond and fellow starting pitchers Eric Show and David Dravecky. They would talk religion and, some would say, far right-wing politics.

Something you might not know: Thurmond worked every off-season of his major league career for his father's insurance business.

My observation on the back: I don't know how stains get on cards that I bought as a factory set and barely handled. Also, the trivia question, if asked now, would be 6 major league teams. Add the Rockies and Rays.

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Brian said...

I learned the teams in the league alphabetical by nickname. I wonder if this question influenced me. Or my decision to organize this set by team nickname. To this day I can quickly name the 26 teams of the 80s: Angels, Astros, A's, ... White Sox, Yankees, in order, then I need several minutes to come up with the four new franchises.