Wednesday, June 19, 2013

#186 - Bob Lillis

What a card: This is Bob Lillis' third Topps card as Astros manager. The Astros finished 80-82 in in 1984, which was Lillis' second full season managing Houston.

My observation on the front: Lillis strikes shockingly similar poses in each of his first three Topps cards as Astros manager. Tight head shots of Lillis looking to his left in each one.

More opinion from me: I can't imagine any kid being excited by pulling this card.

Something you might know: Lillis finished second in the National League Manager of the Year voting in 1983, falling just behind the Dodgers' Tommy Lasorda.

Something you might not know: Lillis, while a coach with the Astros, directed players on the field during the filming of game sequences in the made-for-TV movie "Murder at the World Series," which aired in 1977. The movie, which starred Bruce Boxleitner, was panned by Astros players. "I hope no one saw it," Lillis told Sports Illustrated. "That would be the end of my directing career."

My observation on the back: The brief write-up isn't exactly complimentary if you divide the total number of wins by 3 years. It amounts to 64 wins a year. But Lillis didn't coach the full 1982 season, managing only 51 games.

The blog wants to speak now: Sorry, not tonight. Too tired.

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