Wednesday, April 24, 2013

#169 - Dan Spillner

What a card: This is Dan Spillner's first card as a White Sox. He was traded from the Indians to the White Sox in June of 1984.

My observation on the front: That is a fantastic view of Yankee Stadium in the background. One of the best that I've seen on a card. And that's saying something considering how many card photos have been taken in Yankee Stadium.

More opinion from me: Product placement! Also I wish the crop on the right was a little more generous so we could see what time the photo was taken. All I can make out is 10 minutes, or so, past 1.

Something you might know: Spillner won 16 games for the Indians in 1980, second-best on the staff. But he had a whopping 5.28 ERA. The whole staff, in fact, gave up a lot of runs.

Something you might not know: Spillner pitched two one-hitters in his career and both came against Chicago teams. One was against the Cubs when he pitched for the Padres, and one was against the White Sox when he pitched for the Indians.

My observation on the back: I didn't go to a high school that awarded an "athlete of the year." That seems like one sports-crazy school.

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Johngy said...

Spillner walked an unusually high amount of times as a batter. He had 10 career hits and 19 walks (which is the most for anyone with only 10 career hits). I wonder why he walked so much?