Tuesday, April 16, 2013

#166 - Keith Atherton

What a card: This is Keith Atherton's sophomore card. He appeared in 57 games for the A's in 1984, going 7-6.

My observation on the front: A drastically miscut card. Again, this set came right out of the box. Annoying, but pretty common for the time.

More opinion from me: Atherton donned glasses and looked kind of nerdy later in his career. Here, he's still looking bad-ass.

Something you might know: Atherton was a career relief pitcher for the A's, Twins and Indians, who appeared in 342 games -- all in relief -- from 1983-89.

Something you might not know: Atherton ended a Royals eighth-inning rally by coming in for the Indians with two outs in the inning and men on first and second base during a game on May 9, 1989. Kansas City, which had already scored two runs in the inning to take a 3-1 lead, sent Bo Jackson to the plate. Atherton struck out Jackson swinging on a 3-2 pitch, causing Jackson to break his bat over his knee in disgust.

My observation on the back: The trivia question gives me the opportunity again to say that the Dodgers' Dave Hansen still holds the record (along with the Pirates' Craig Wilson) for most pinch-hit home runs in a season with seven in 2000.

The blog wants to speak now: No updates today. The roofers across the street will be arriving at 8 a.m., so I better get what little sleep I'm going to get.

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