Thursday, April 4, 2013

#162 - Benny Distefano

Who is the man: This is the rookie card for Benny Distefano who played in 45 games for the Pirates in 1984 and hit .167.

My observation on the front: It's a good thing he's wearing that goofy 1980s Pirates get-up because this has to be the dullest photo pose in the set.

More opinion from me: I think "dullest photo pose in the set" is opinion enough.

Something you might know: Distefano was the most recent left-hander to play catcher. He caught in three games for the Pirates in 1989. I wrote about it here.

Something you might not know: Distefano tripled in his first major league at-bat off of the brother of his friend in high school. To see who that is, you'll have to read the back of the card.

My observation on the back: There's your answer. Distefano, his friend and Pete Falcone all attended Lafayette High School in Brooklyn, N.Y., which was also the high school that Sandy Koufax attended.

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Johngy said...

I hold a grudge against Benny for his games at catcher. Until he did it, my favorite Mike Squires was the last.

Jeff said...

Don't John Franco. He comes up later in the set and went to the same school.