Sunday, April 21, 2013

#168 - Garth Iorg

Who is the man: Garth Iorg's stats slipped a bit during the 1984 season but he would bounce back in 1985 as the Blue Jays' do-everything utility man.

My observation on the front: Must be a sunny day because Iorg has the flip-down specs going.

More opinion from me: The 1985 ALCS was notable for me because we were finally going to see the two brothers with the weird names -- Garth Iorg and Dane Iorg -- face each other in a playoff setting. Dane Iorg's Royals won out, of course.

Something you might know: Iorg was the Blue Jays' all-time leader in pinch hits when he retired.

Something you might not know: Iorg is one of only two major leaguers in history with the first name of "Garth." The other is Garth Mann, who played in one game for the Cubs in 1944.

My observation on the back: The record mentioned on the trivia quiz was broken a mere three years after this card came out.

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Rob said...

Party on, Garth.

Brian said...

Party on, Dane.