Tuesday, March 26, 2013

#159 - Carlos Diaz

What a card: Carlos Diaz had just finished his first year with the Dodgers, appearing in 37 games in relief and putting up a whopping 5.49 ERA.

My observation on the front: Looks like a full house wherever Diaz is pitching. I just know it's not Dodger Stadium.

More opinion from me: I really wanted to like Diaz. There was a point in 1985 -- his 1985 was much better than his 1984 -- where I wanted him to take the closer's role from Tom Niedenfuer.

Something you might know: Diaz is a key figure in what a few Dodger followers consider one of the franchise's less stellar deals. The Dodgers acquired Diaz and Bob Bailor from the Mets for a prospect named Sid Fernandez.

Something you might not know: Diaz is one of 37 major leaguers to have been born in Hawaii. At least six of them played for the Dodgers (Diaz, Fernandez, Charlie Hough, Mike Huff, Onan Masaoka and Shane Victorino).

My observation on the back: Diaz is one of four Allan Hancock College alumni to play in the majors. The other three are Ted Davidson, Brian Asselstine and Bryn Smith.

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Jeff said...

Ryan Radmanovich went to Hancock.

night owl said...

OK. That's a name I don't know.