Sunday, March 10, 2013

#154 - Argenis Salazar

What a card: This is the first Topps card of Argenis "Angel" Salazar. He appears as a Rated Rookie in the 1984 Donruss set. Salazar was already a part of the Cardinals organization by the time this card came out.

My observation on the front: Topps insisted on calling Salazar by his formal first name "Argenis" during his entire major league career, while Donruss, Fleer, Score and Upper Deck all listed him as "Angel."

More opinion from me: A fitting photo of Salazar since he was known for his arm strength. You certainly don't want to get a picture of him batting.

Something you might know: Salazar came to the Royals in 1986 and took over the starting shortstop position for Buddy Biancalana, despite Biancalana's heroics in the 1985 postseason.

Something you might not know: Salazar's 1984 season with the Expos is considered so horrific that it was included in Rob Neyer's Big Book Of Baseball Lineups as the all-time bust of a season for a shortstop in Montreal history.

My observation on the back: I'm slightly surprised that Salazar didn't wear the No. 13 since that was the number Concepcion wore and it was a common tribute by Venezuelan major leaguers. Derrel Thomas wore the No. 13 for the Expos in 1984, but no player on the team wore 13 in 1983.

The blog wants to speak now: The TV, Movies, Pop Culture and News tabs are all updated. Wizard of Oz followers abuzz over the new Oz movie that's out currently might know that 1985 featured a new Oz movie, too.

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Rob said...

I'm replaying the 1984 season using Statis Pro, and good lord, his offense is putrid...