Wednesday, March 6, 2013

#153 - Frank LaCorte

What a card: This is the final card of Frank LaCorte's career. I'm a bit surprised he appeared in the set as he pitched in only 13 games in 1984 with a 7.06 ERA and never played in the majors again, retiring after the season.

My observation on the front: The way LaCorte is wearing his jacket, it looks like he plays for "Anggel"

More opinion from me: This is LaCorte's only Topps base card in anything other than an Astros uniform (he appears as an Angel in the 1984 Traded set). Whenever a player spends a number of years with the same team and then shows up with a different team at the end of his career, that makes me sad. The player doesn't look right in the new uniform and has a "just hanging on" kind of look. Like Willie Mays as a Met.

Something you might know: Known early in his career as a terrible pitcher for some terrible Braves teams, LaCorte became a key part of the vaunted Houston Astros bullpen of the early 1980s, which included Joe Sambito and Dave Smith.

Something you might not know: After his career, LaCorte took over a towing business and apparently displayed all of his big-game hunting prizes in his office.

My observation on the back: It's aways fun when a former major league great is mentioned out of the blue on a card back. "Kids, today we're going to learn about Johnny Sain."

The blog wants to speak now: The Music and News categories are updated. There really was nothing cooler than Miami Vice in 1985.


Jeff said...

The 1971 blog and the 1985 blog both feature Angels right now. Nice.

Paul said...

That's quite a won-lost record with the Braves. 4-24.