Monday, March 18, 2013

#156 - Craig Reynolds

What a card: This card arrived after Craig Reynolds had enjoyed his busiest season since the late 1970s. He played in 146 games, which was his most since his first year with the Astros in 1979 when he also played in 146.

My observation on the front: A basepaths photo! This is just the fifth card in the set showing a player on the basepaths (Dave Lopes, Butch Davis, Ron Kittle and Alvin Davis are the others). And this is the first one that shows the player in full sprint.

More opinion from me: I don't know what's going on behind Reynolds' right shoulder. There appears to be some floating head action. The more I stare at it, the weirder it gets.

Something you might know: Reynolds was an original Seattle Mariner. He was the starting shortstop in the Mariners' first game, a 7-0 loss to the Angels on April 6, 1977.

Something you might not know: Reynolds has been a Baptist pastor for more than 15 years.

My observation on the back: All that personal info still makes me uncomfortable. I wonder if Topps would do this today?

The blog wants to speak now: Just a brief update to the Pop Culture category.

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