Wednesday, January 23, 2013

#138 - Father/Son: Dick & Dick Schofield

What a card: This is the first card in the Father-Son subset in which father and son share the same first name, but it won't be the last. And, technically, they don't share the same first name. Elder Schofield's first name is "John," and younger Schofield's first name is "Richard."

My observation on the front: Elder Schofield (what? Do you want me to call him "Big Dick"?) is featured choking up on the bat in this, his 1962 Topps card. He's choking up even more drastically on his 1964 Topps card.

More opinion from me: Little Di ... er, younger Schofield is another player that looked much younger than his age. He was 5-foot-10, but looked slight to me.

Something you might know: Washington Nationals outfielder Jayson Werth is the nephew of younger Schofield, and the grandson of older Schofield.

Something you might not know: Papa Schofield, also known as "Ducky," was the first batter in the history of Shea Stadium.

My observation on the back: I'm sorry, the 11-year-old in me is laughing too hard to write anything.

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MoltenLava said...

They look like Dicks.