Tuesday, October 23, 2012

#106 - Pascual Perez

Who is the man: The enigmatic Pascual Perez had just finished his second season as a regular, reliable member of the Braves' starting rotation. It would be his last such season for Atlanta though, as he would endure a horrible 1-13, 6.14 ERA season in 1985.

My observation on the front: Kneeling down in the outfield while wearing a satin warm-up jacket just seems to fit Pascual.

More opinion from me: Perez always reminded me of Michael Jackson. Similar hairdo. Out-there personality. Seemingly quiet and soft-spoken but a strong performer.

Something you might know: Well, everyone knows the I-285 story, right? Perez arrived late to the ballpark for his start because he got lost on the I-285 in Atlanta. This was in 1982 during a memorable season for the Braves, so it went down in team lore. Perez circled the city three times, ran out of gas, convinced a gas station attendant to give him free gas because he forgot his wallet, and then finally found the exit.

Something you might not know: Two of Perez's brothers also played in the majors. That part you know. But Perez had two other brothers. He once introduced himself as "one of five twin brothers."

My observation on the back: Perez really should be left-handed.

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MoltenLava said...

Pascual looks a bit like Jimmie Walker there. Dyn-O-Mite!