Sunday, October 14, 2012

#103 - Randy Lerch

What a card: This is the final card of Randy Lerch issued during his career. Lerch signed with the Phillies as a free agent after the 1984 season and spent the '85 season in the minors. He'd pitch briefly for the Phillies in 1986 before getting released.

My observation on the front: A lot of people came out to see Lerch's photo-taking session.

More opinion from me: I equate Lerch totally with the Phillies. It is weird seeing him in any other uniform.

Something you might know: Lerch's reputation as a good-hitting pitcher was well-earned. The example most cited is his two-home run day on Sept. 30, 1978 to help the Phillies beat the Pirates in a crucial end-of-the-season game that gave the Phillies the N.L. East title.

Something you might not know: Lerch broke his right wrist in a scuffle with youths on the street in July 1979. While walking with his wife and another couple after a night out at a restaurant, seven youths approached the two couples and began harassing the wives. Lerch said three of the kids jumped him and he landed hard on his shoulder while trying to brace his fall to the ground.

My observation on the back: Except for four games in the 1986 season, that's Lerch's entire major league career right there.

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beefman said...

He's 'Suttoning'!

Not quite sure if that's the correct terminology, but that's what he's doing!