Monday, June 25, 2012

#67 - Rafael Santana

What a card: This is Rafael Santana's rookie card. He had played in 30 games for the Cardinals in 1983 but didn't get a card.

My observation on the front: I can practically sense the fans in the stands thinking, "Do something for once Santana. The pitcher's up next."

More opinion from me: I remember thinking just about the entire 1986 season, "How the hell are the Mets winning -- they've got Santana at shortstop!"

Something you might know: Long before Johan, Carlos and Ervin, Rafael was the first Santana in the major leagues. He was known as the quiet member of the '86 Mets, a wild and boisterous team. He didn't hit much, but he could field.

Something you might not know: While managing the White Sox Double A team in Birmingham in 2007, Santana banned alcohol in the clubhouse.

My observation on the back: I can't think of anything other than the word "during" should be "in". ... Sorry, just got off of work.

The blog wants to speak now: Just a couple quick tab updates in the "TV" and "News" categories. I never knew "The Jeffersons" was still around in 1985. Weezie!!!

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