Tuesday, June 5, 2012

#59 - Rick Waits

What a card: Rick Waits was primarily a starter during his career, but by this point he was mainly relieving. In 1984, he saved three games, which was a career high for him.

My observation on the front: Waits appears to be working in old Tiger Stadium.

More opinion from me: The old powder blue uniforms seem to be loved by a great many nostalgic baseball fans these days. But back when they were everywhere, I don't remember anybody liking them. I certainly didn't. Especially those Cubs jammies things.

Something you might know: Waits will forever be known as the Indians pitcher who beat the Yankees the final day of the 1978 season to force a one-game playoff between the Yankees and the Red Sox. The scoreboard at Fenway Park thanked Waits publicly for beating New York, but I'm sure nobody at Fenway was a happy camper after the playoff game.

Something you might not know: Waits was considered the best singer in baseball among his peers and sang the National Anthem before games many times.

My observation on the back: A singer AND a writer. I understand this man.

The blog wants to speak now: No, it doesn't. It's tired and wants to go to sleep.


jacobmrley said...

I always confused Rick Waits and Tom Waits in my youth, proving my brain was fully formed early. Learning that Rick is a singer now makes it even more of an odd coincidence.

Dean Family said...

Ah, but was he a better singer than Thad Bosley, who recorded a gospel album? Just wanted to insert a Thad Bosley reference.

Nice shot of Tiger Stadium here too.