Wednesday, May 23, 2012

#54 - Cesar Cedeno

What a card: This is the second-to-last card of Cesar Cedeno issued during his career. The 1984 season was the last in which Cedeno played in more than 100 games.

My observation on the front: Having grown up knowing Cedeno as a Houston Astro, he never looked right in a Reds uniform.

More opinion from me: I really like the Reds cards in this set. Not as much as the Phillies cards, but still very nice. I think it's the gray background off-setting the red color.

Something you might know: Famously called "the next Willie Mays," Cedeno enjoyed a standout career, but was plagued by injuries, off-field violence and tragedy, and a bad attitude. Cedeno was the second player after Lou Brock to hit 20 home runs and steal 50 bases in a season.

Something you might not know: During a Reds team flight from Chicago to Cincinnati in 1983, Reds starters flew first class while reserves received tickets to coach. Cedeno, who had been a starter until nine days before the trip, angrily tore up his boarding pass and refused to board the plane. He was suspended but then got off with a fine.

My observation on the back: Cedeno was known as a big-time womanizer. So my heart goes out to Cora. For that reason, and for having to call all of the people in her house "Cesar."

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