Wednesday, May 2, 2012

#44 - Dickie Thon

What a card: This is the first card issued of Dickie Thon after his horrific beaning during April of 1984. Thon played just five games in 1984, but Topps gave him a card.

My observation on the front: I wonder if this is an older photo of Thon -- something from earlier than 1984 -- because he barely played any of the season. But, then, it could be from spring training of that season.

More opinion from me: Thon had one of great names of the 1980s. He was one of those guys that you instantly liked just because of his name. Like Steve Sax. How can you not like a guy named Steve Sax? Or Dickie Thon?

Something you might know: OK. It's the beaning. Thon looked like he was going to be something special for  five years until he was drilled in the eye by a fastball from the Mets' Mike Torrez on April 8, 1984. The pitch broke the orbital bone around his left eye and messed up his depth perception. For awhile, it looked like he may never play again. But he returned in '85 and actually lasted until 1993 with some decent seasons. But he wasn't like he was in 1983 -- a potential future Hall of Famer.

Something you might not know: Thon's son, Dickie Thon Jr., is one of the top 50 prospects in the Blue Jays' organization. He's a fourth generation ball player, although only his dad has made it to the majors.

My observation on the back: OK, maybe Topps was trying to stick with the pleasant stuff, but the stats just cry out for an explanation. He plays just 5 games a year after getting 177 hits and all you can talk about is his grandfather?

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Douglas said...

Dickie Thon reminds me of how informal the minor leagues were. It was 1978, I had already heard of Thon as an Angel prospect. I was in San Jose CA, which had the Mariners AAA team at the time. Looking for something to do I went to the ballpark, where the local were playing SLC Gulls the Angel's AAA team way before game time. So much so nobody stopped me when I walked into the Gulls locker room. I remember standing next to Thon but I didn't talk to him, I did talk to an outfielder by the name of Thomas Smith who never made the majors but was very cool nevertheless. I don't think this would happen today at least not a AAA level.

Bo said...

I assume no explanation was necessary as the beaning was fresh on baseball fans' minds in 1985?