Saturday, May 19, 2012

#52 - Jerry Dybzinski

What a card: This is Jerry Dybzinski's final Topps card. He was released by the White Sox on April 1, 1985 and picked up by the Pirates. The Pirates released him at the end of the 1985 season.

My observation on the front: A lot of great stuff on this card. The cap-under-the-helmet look, the black bat, the mustache, the batting cage.

More opinion from me: I also have a ton of doubles of this card. Since the Dybzinski card follows the Bob Watson card in this set, I'm thinking that all the doubles for each player came in the same horrid repack.

Something you might know: Dybzinski was a backup shortstop for most of his career, but started a lot during the 1983 White Sox season. The White Sox actually made the playoffs, on the strength of Dybzinski's .230 batting average no doubt, but Dybzinski is often cited for making a crucial base-running error against the Orioles during the ALCS. Dybzinski overran second base with teammate Vance Law on third. He was caught in a rundown, Law tried to score, and he was thrown out.

Something you might not know: Dybzinski hit .234 lifetime in six seasons, but he was 7-for-15 against Larry Gura.

My observation on the back: Oof. It is so painful when they trot out the college highlights five years into a major league career.

The blog wants to speak now: The Ballgames tab has been updated with a couple NBA milestones. The Music tab is also updated with lyrics from the baseball song of my generation.


MoltenLava said...

Classic baseball tune. 1985 was a big comeback year for John Fogerty.

Brian said...

He could have been the model was for this White Sox logo. Right down to the red wrist band / batting glove.