Saturday, May 12, 2012

#48 - Tony Fernandez

What a card: This is the first Topps card of Tony Fernandez. Both Donruss and Fleer issued cards of Fernandez in their respective 1984 sets.

My observation on the front: Absolutely love all the different shades of blue on this card.

More opinion from me: It's strange to see Fernandez as a rookie. He played for so long in the majors and was such a presence for a variety of high-profile teams and moments. But Fernandez didn't hold a regular job in the majors until the year of this set, 1985.

Something you might know: Fernandez was most noted for his fielding ability. He won four straight Gold Gloves during the late 1980s. He also played for the Blue Jays on four separate occasions -- 1983-90, 1993, 1998-99 and 2001.

Something you might not know: Fernandez's real first name is Octavio.

My observation on the back: You can see by Fernandez's dimensions listed here -- 6-foot-2 and 165 pounds -- that he was a very skinny guy.

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steelehere said...

I remember early in Tony's career that TV announcers would mention that his teammates gave him the nickname "El Cabeza" which means "Head" in English because his head was so large.

MoltenLava said...

We won't see another club go from 9th place to 1st like the '69 Mets did.

1967ers said...

Favourite ballplayer of all time. Tony was always better as a Blue Jay.