Wednesday, April 24, 2019

#122T - Rich Thompson

What a card: This is the 30th rookie card in the 1985 Topps Traded set. Rich Thompson pitched in 57 games for the Indians in 1985, his first year in the major leagues.

My observation on the front: Thompson appears to be quite pleased he's made it to the majors.

More opinion from me: Thompson is one of the players in the 1986 Topps set that convinced me that I no longer knew as much about major league baseball as I once did. Thompson's '86 Topps card is quite memorable, yet the only thing I could focus on is that I had no idea who he was.

Something you might know: Thompson's rookie season was his busiest. Even though he posted a 6.30 ERA that year, the last-place Indians kept putting him out there. He wouldn't return to the majors until 1989 when he was with the Expos.

Something you might not know: After his playing career, Thompson became a lawyer.

My observation on the back: I've never described my baseball card collection as "a fine collection." I wonder what a "fine collection" looks like and whether he still has it.

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