Monday, April 22, 2019

#121T - Derrel Thomas

What a card: Derrel Thomas was purchased by the Phillies on May 15, 1985 after playing for both the Expos and the Angels in 1984. (Interestingly, he was purchased from the Miami Marlins, who were a Class A team in the Florida State League at the time and had signed several former major leaguers as the basement-dwelling club attempted to attract fans).

How'd that go: Thomas, known for being a super-sub, appeared in 63 games with just 92 at-bats in 1985, batting a mere .207. That was the end of his major league career.

Backatya: Derrel Thomas wore No. 18 while with the Phillies. No. 30 was worn by infielder Steve Jeltz and No. 3 was worn by pitching coach Claude Osteen.

Back-to-back: As mentioned on the post for Derrel Thomas' flagship card, which is No. 448 in the set and was blogged on Sept. 3, 2015, there is a no Angels card for Thomas. He played 14 games for the Angels between his stay with the Expos and the Phillies.

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Jason T. Carter said...

There is no Topps card of Thomas on the Angels, but his OPC card mentions the change in teams and Fleer actually got him in an Angels uniform for their base set. And it's very expensive on COMC.

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