Wednesday, October 10, 2018

#48T - Ron Hassey

What a card: Ron Hassey came to the Yankees after a mere 19 games with the Cubs in a trade on Dec. 4, 1984. He was shipped to New York along with pitchers Porfi Altamarino and Rich Bordi and outfielder Henry Cotto and the Cubs got pitcher Ray Fontenot and outfielder Brian Dayett in return.

How'd that go: Hassey spent two years as a backup catcher for the Yankees and did pretty well, hitting in the high .290s each year.

Backatya: There is remarkable consistency on the back of Hassey's card -- seven consecutive years with the Indians -- that would be thrown into disarray later in his career. The most he spent with any other team was three years with Oakland.

Back-to-back: The Hassey Traded card is a classic chilling-by-the-backstop card. And he looks much happier with the Yankees than with the Cubs.

The flagship card is No. 742 and was blogged originally on Jan. 10, 2018.

The blog wants to speak now: Not much new. Just a small addition to the Movies category onto the item that I added the other day.

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