Thursday, August 9, 2018

#27T - Jim Davenport

What a card: This is Jim Davenport's first Topps card since the 1970 set when he was still a player.

My observation on the front: Is that a uniform under that jacket? It looks like a regular white T-shirt.

More opinion from me: There are some managers from the mid-1980s that didn't last long. Since I paid little attention to the baseball season or baseball cards at that time, I have zero memory of people like Davenport managing.

Something you might know: Davenport spent just one season managing the Giants in 1985. In fact, he was replaced late in the year by Roger Craig.

Something you might not know: When current Giants manager Bruce Bochy played Little League ball in North Carolina he used a Jim Davenport-model bat.

My observation on the back: It amazes me how many years Topps capitalized words like "doubles".

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