Friday, January 12, 2018

#743 - Frank White

What a card: Frank White continued to click along in his 12th year with the Royals in 1984, hitting what was then a career-high of 17 home runs in 129 games. He was entering his power phase as he hit single-season HR totals of 17, 22, 22 and 17 starting in 1984, numbers he didn't approach any other time in his career.

My observation on the front: White seems like he regrets setting himself into motion here.

More opinion from me: One of my favorite All-Star cards of the All-Star card golden age (1975-81) is White's 1980 Topps card.

Something you might know: White spent all 18 seasons of his career with the Royals. He and George Brett appeared in 1,914 games together, a record for teammates until the Tigers' Alan Trammell and Lou Whitaker broke it.

Something you might not know: White is the Jackson County (Missouri) Executive and has been involved in several political spats over the past year.

My observation on the back: The Ban Johnson baseball league is a 90-year-old league in Kansas City that features the top collegiate players in the area.

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musicfan87 said...
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musicfan87 said...

Correction, he's ^ on twatter. Great post as always Greg!