Wednesday, August 2, 2017

#687 - Bill Gullickson

What a card: Bill Gullickson was coming off his third straight double-figure victory season for the Expos when this card was issued. He'd hit double figures again in 1985 with 14 wins for Montreal.

My observation on the front: I love this card. It's a throwback to cards from the '70s with a true baseball background. It's spring training and you can find a player or two, possibly some reporters and, of course, fans.

More opinion from me: I don't remember if Gullickson or Catfish Hunter was the first athlete that I knew of having diabetes. (Ron Santo is probably the most notable baseball diabetic but he played before I started following sports). I do remember when news came out that Gullickson had Type 1 diabetes.

Something you might know: Gullickson set a rookie record for the most strikeouts in a game when he fanned 18 Cubs in 1980. He kept the record until the Cubs' Kerry Wood struck out 20 in 1998.

Something you might not know: Each of Gullickson's six children have a first name starting with "C" -- Callie, Carley, Cassie, Chelsey, Chloe and Craig.

My observation on the front: The word "traveling" has just one "l" unless you're in Great Britain. In the U.S., multi-syllable words in which the stress is on the first syllable do not feature a doubled final consonant when adding "-ing" or "-ed". Meanwhile, British writing favors longer words so the consonants are automatically doubled. And there's your grammar lesson on your baseball card blog.

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