Thursday, December 29, 2016

#612 - Mike Armstrong

What a card: This is the last Topps card of Mike Armstrong issued during his career. He'd spend fractions of each of the 1985, 1986 and 1987 seasons in the majors, but didn't receive a card after any of those seasons.

My observation on the front: Armstrong is known in the baseball card world for his classic glasses-and-mustache combo. There is not a major league card of him in which he is not featuring that combo.

More opinion from me: This card is not nearly as classic as this card.

Something you might know: A reliever with a three-quarters arm delivery, Armstrong worked the Royals bullpen with a more well-known sidearmer, Dan Quisenberry. Armstrong would often set up Quisenberry.

Something you might not know: Armstrong was the winning pitcher in the "pine tar game". He came on the seventh inning with the Royals trailing the Yankees 4-3. He held New York scoreless for the seventh and eighth and then George Brett hit his home run in the ninth to put the Royals ahead, making Armstrong the pitcher of record.

My observation on the back: This is why sometimes personal information on baseball cards can be tricky. Armstrong remarried. His wife's name -- as of 2006 anyway -- is Monica.

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