Tuesday, December 20, 2016

#609 - Broderick Perkins

What a card: Broderick Perkins appeared in just 58 games in 1984, managing a career-low .197 average. The Indians released him after the season and he never appeared in another major league game. This is his final card.

My observation on the front: Perkins seems enormously happy about that tiny bat in his hands.

More opinion from me: Perkins spent most of his career playing for bad Padres teams. And then the Padres go and trade him to the Indians after the 1982 season and what do they do? They make the World Series two years later. Poor Broderick.

Something you might know: Perkins best season was in 1982, when he played in 125 games and served as the Padres' starting first baseman.

Something you might know: Perkins was a pall bearer at Tony Gwynn's funeral.

My observation on the back: The key word there is "enjoys." Look at Perkins' baseball cards. He seemed to do "enjoy" very well.

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