Wednesday, December 14, 2016

#607 - Bill Almon

What a card: This is Bill Almon's second card in the set. He's also in the draft picks subset. He is one of six players in that subset that has another card in the set. The others are Harold Baines, Jeff Burroughs, Tim Foli, Bob Horner and Darryl Strawberry.

My observation on the front: Love the dangling sunglasses.

More opinion from me: That's an optimistic-looking baseball card. Almon seems very happy to be a ballplayer on this day.

Something you might know: Almon's best statistical season by a decent margin was the 1981 season when he played for the White Sox. He batted .301 and finished 19th in the AL MVP voting. But since the strike wiped out a third of the season, there was an element of "what could have been."

Something you might not know: Almon is the only Ivy League player to be drafted first in any one of the four major professional sports. He played baseball at Brown University.

My observation on the back: Almon's bio on the Brown athletic site says that the family business is furniture products.

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jacobmrley said...

I'm back in the blogosphere less than 2 days I am spotting odd proofreading mistakes. Check out that observation on the back again. :D

night owl said...

See, there's a reason we need you back. This went unchecked for 18 days.