Monday, May 23, 2016

#536 - Kirby Puckett

What a card: We've reached another one of the big rookie cards in the 1985 Topps set (I think there's just two left, although I could be mistaken). This is Kirby Puckett's initial Topps card, although he appeared first in the 1984 Fleer Update set.

My observation on the front: Puckett does look like a little guy in this picture. And ... thinner.

More opinion from me: This is terrible of me to say, but I will always associate Puckett with my fantasy team woes. I could never nab the best players during my fantasy days, particularly when it came to hitters. But in 1996, I finally landed a big one in Puckett. Then he came down with glaucoma in spring training and never played again. That is my fantasy baseball luck right there.

Something you might know: Puckett was the star of two Twins World Series titles in 1987 and 1991.

Something you might not know: Puckett was discovered during the players' strike in 1981. Most major league teams employees weren't needed during that time. So Twins' assistant farm director Jim Rantz decided to visit his son, who was playing for a collegiate league in Illinois. One day, his son's team, Peoria, played Quincy and Puckett played for Quincy. Puckett was so impressive in that game that Rantz notified the Twins. The following year, Minnesota drafted Puckett with its top pick.

My observation on the back: Puckett follows Pat Putnam in the set and they're both featured as Twins. Players with the same team rarely appeared back-to-back in a Topps set at this time. Only a last-minute trade or acquisition, such as in Putnam's case, would lead to teammates appearing back-to-back.

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