Friday, May 6, 2016

#531 - Joe Lefebvre

What a card: Joe Lefebvre played in just 52 games in 1984, suffering a knee injury in June of that season that cost him all of the 1985 season.

My observation on the front: When you say "Phillies uniform," that's the one I think of first.

More opinion from me: I remember when Lefebvre came up with the Yankees in 1980. I was baffled to find out that his last name was pronounced "La-FAY," even though the former Dodgers infielder Jim Lefebvre spelled his last name the same way and it was pronounced "La-FEE-ver."

Something you might know: Lefebvre hit a home run in his first major league game, teeing off on the Blue Jays' Dave Stieb.

Something you might not know: Lefebvre played a part in Dodger manager Tommy Lasorda's famed tirade about Kurt Bevacqua. Dodgers reliever Tom Niedenfuer had been fined after beaning Lefebvre, who was playing for the Padres at the time. An upset Bevacqua said Lasorda should have been the one fined, claiming Lasorda ordered Niedenfuer to throw at Lefebvre. That enraged Lasorda who famously said, "I certainly wouldn't make him throw at a f---ing one hundred and 30 hitter like Lefebvre, or f---ing Bevacqua, who couldn't hit water if he fell out of f----ing boat."

My observation on the back: Lefebvre retired in 1986 at age 30 because of his knee. He said then that post-baseball would include working in his florist business in Connecticut.

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