Wednesday, May 11, 2016

#532 - Frank DiPino

What a card: Frank DiPino was entering his final full season with the Astros when this card was issued. He finished 1984 with 14 saves and was Houston's primary closer for the second straight year.

My observation on the front: Don't cry, Frank, you're in a baseball stadium.

More opinion from me: DiPino was born in Syracuse, N.Y., which is an hour away from me. Upstate New York doesn't produce a lot of major leaguers in comparison to other areas, so I appreciate even the ones who grew up 60 minutes away.

Something you might know: DiPino enjoyed a noteworthy rookie season in 1983, saving 20 games for Houston, compiling a 2.65 ERA and finishing sixth in rookie of the year voting.

Something you might not know: DiPino held Tony Gwynn to a .050 batting average (1 hit in 20 at-bats), the worst Gwynn fared against any pitcher he had faced at least 10 times.

My observation on the back: That bio write-up is rather vague: "early in 1983," "late in 1983."

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