Monday, July 27, 2015

#435 - Dan Petry

What a card: Dan Petry was attempting to build off a stellar 1984 season, in which he finished fifth in the AL Cy Young Award voting, when this card was issued.

My observation on the front: Petry's gut looks twice the size of his legs in this photo. I've never liked those unflattering pitcher pictures.

More opinion from me: It's a little freakish how all of the Tigers' starters looked so similar in 1984 ... OK, Juan Berenguer didn't look the same.

Something you might know: Petry won 19 games for the Tigers in 1983 and 18 in 1984, but he took Detroit's only loss in the 1984 World Series.

Something you might not know: Petry grew up in California, but he was a fan of the Tigers as a boy. He was then drafted by Detroit in 1976.

My observation on the back: One of the sons of Dan and Christine is Jeff Petry, a six-year NHL veteran defenseman who played for Montreal last season.

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