Monday, July 6, 2015

#429 - Rick Cerone

What card: Rick Cerone had reached the end of the line in his first stint with the Yankees (he would have two more). After hitting .208 in just 38 games, he was dealt to the Braves before this card was even pulled out of packs.

My observation on the front: Look at that catcher darting out of the box -- as well as someone with six career stolen bases can dart.

More opinion from me: I liked Cerone a lot when he was a member of the expansion Blue Jays. That all changed when he was acquired by the Yankees and became their starting catcher in 1980.

Something you might know: Cerone caught the first game in Blue Jays history in 1977.

Something you might not know: Cerone cut a country single in 1981 titled "A Long Run Home". Proceeds went to help victims of the November 1980 earthquake in Italy that killed nearly 3,000 people.

My observation on the back: Unfortuantely, does not list "Italian Stallion" as Cerone's nickname, although I do remember Rizzuto calling him that on the air.

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jacobmrley said...

I think anyone with a vowel on the end of their name in the late 70s earned the moniker "Italian Stallion" whether they wanted it or not. Damn you, Sylvester Stallone!

jsdof408 said...

In Reggie Jackson's 1984 autobiography, he notes the tough job Cerone had succeeding Thurman Munson in 1980. Once, Steinbrenner was reading the team the riot act (I believe, in the playoffs!) and Cerone, who'd had a bad game, told him to fuck off to his face. He had balls, if nothing else.

Matthew R said...

His nickname on his APBA card was "Sponge Head"