Friday, April 24, 2015

#404 - 1984 United States Baseball Team: Billy Swift

What a card: Billy Swift (who would go on to be known as "Bill") is the last card in the the '84 U.S. team subset. He is the 12th of the 15 players featured to make the major leagues.

My observation on the front: I believe it reads "Marlboro Country" behind Swift.

More opinion from me: I'm not going to miss seeing those caps.

Something you might know: Swift started with the Mariners and became a well-used reliever for Seattle. But after he was traded to the Giants, he returned to being a starter and finished second in the Cy Young Award voting in 1993 after going 21-8.

Something you might not know: Wouldn't you like to know which members of the '84 baseball team were not included in the subset? Here they are:

Will Clark
Chris Gywnn
Barry Larkin
B.J. Surhoff
Bobby Witt

At least some, if not all, of those players were prevented from appearing in the set by the NCAA because they still had eligibility left.

My observation on the back: The stats provided by Maine aren't as complete as the schools of the other players.

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Stack22 said...

I adopted Maine as my college baseball team of choice despite never having been to the State of Maine, much less having a connection to the Bears.

It was tough being a college baseball fan in upstate New York in the early 90's.