Monday, April 20, 2015

#402 - 1984 United States Baseball Team: Pat Pacillo

What a card: Pat Pacillo represents the 10th of 13 players featured so far in this subset who went on to play in the major leagues. Pacillo pitched for the Reds in 18 games over 1987 and 1988.

My observation on the front: That's the best look at the General Electric logo on the U.S. baseball uniforms yet.

More opinion from me: Other than saying that Pacillo looks vaguely like someone famous to me, I've got nothing else.

Something you might know: In 1986, Pete Rose took himself off the Reds' 40-man winter roster to protect Pacillo, who was a big prospect in Cincinnati's organization at the time. The players' union was threatening a grievance to make Pacillo a free agent if he wasn't placed on a roster.

Something you might not know:  In 2011, Bleacher Report named Pacillo as the Reds' all-time biggest prospect bust.

My observation on the back: It's interesting that the write-up addresses Pacillo's hitting exclusively when he's listed as a pitcher.

The blog wants to speak know: The Movies category is updated.

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John Wallwork said...

He may have been a bust but the morale of the story is - you'll never know how someone will turn out if you don't give them a try.